Triumph live on ‘The Big Rock Show’ Sept 30 and will be featured on fall tv programming

Triumph to be featured on ‘The Big Rock Show’ September 30th at 12:00pm EST at . Triumph will also be featured on hit tv programs this fall including XFactor, Battle Of The Blades, and Cover Me Canada.

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Blinding Light Show

“Blinding Light Show” OFFICIAL VIDEO TRIUMPH GREATEST HITS: REMIXED May 18, 2010 Visit the new TRIUMPH website:

Album Reviews

Allied Forces (

“Allied Forces” (MCA; 1981) When I was 13, my uncle had a music store in Tulsa, OK and he let me pick out any cassette I wanted — a cassette,…

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Surveillance (

“Surveillance” (TML / Universal; 1987) After the disappointment of some fans with 1985’s “The Sport of Kings,” Triumph recorded and released “Surveillance” which, while not a complete return to form,…

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No Compromises

The trio – bass player Mike Levine, guitarist Rik Emmett and drummer Gil Moore – pack a dynamic visual and musical package into their shows and Citizen rock critic Bill Provoke called their NAC concert last January “a rock and roll battlefield and victory celebration.”

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Heavy Metal Optimists

Toronto seems to be Canada’s home for heavy metal. Now it’s time to watch out for Triumph. Every sign points the band to the top of the heap in a competitive, noisy struggle for the affections of a young audience. There have been four albums, so far – the fifth is due in mid-July. The first, Triumph, went gold, and the three since, Rock and Roll Machine, Just a Game, and Progressions of Power, have all gone platinum in Canada, and selling close to 400,000 copies each in the U.S. All the albums have been produced by Levine – and their success has led to several requests to undertake productions projects for other major acts – requests he’s declined, so far, to devote his full energies to his own band.

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Record From Hell

Whoever invented the term “Rock -n- Roll Machine” must have had a band very much like Triumph in mind. Triumph relentlessly churns out a style of music that the experts regularly pronounce to be deader than a doornail. And if it weren’t for the millions of people who regularly buy Triumph records and attend Triumph concerts, the experts would be right.

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Edge of Excess (

Triumph – Edge of Excess (Virgin) 1993 Picked this one up used and despite the fact that I had never heard it, thought I’d give it a shot. I mean,…

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King Biscuit Flower Hour (

Triumph-King Biscuit Flower Hour (In Concert) (King Biscuit) 1996 1. “Tear the Roof Off” (5:01) 2. “American Girls” (4:52) 3. “Lay It on the Line” (4:54) 4. “Allied Forces” (3:48)…

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The Sport of Kings (

Triumph – The Sport of Kings (MCA) 1986 1.  Tears in the Rain (3:54) 2.  Somebody’s Out There (4:05) 3.  What Rules My Heart (3:54) 4.  If Only (4:00) 5….