Gil Moore enshrined in Mississauga Music Walk of Fame

Gil Moore is a wonderful musician, but we recognize him tonight for all the things he has done that make him so much more than that — those things that make him a true champion of his craft and a perpetual leader of his industry.


Ribbon Cutting for “Triumph Lane” Takes Place Thursday July 14th

New “street cred” puts TRIUMPH on the map… quite literally. Mississauga’s world champions of classic rock, TRIUMPH will be toasted by a host of appreciative fans, friends, celebrities and dignitaries as a new street is named in their honour.

Triumph TV

Blinding Light Show

“Blinding Light Show” OFFICIAL VIDEO TRIUMPH GREATEST HITS: REMIXED May 18, 2010 Visit the new TRIUMPH website:

Album Reviews

The Sport of Kings (

“The Sport of Kings” (TML / Universal; 1985) Often considered one of the most disappointing Triumph records, “The Sport of Kings” was attacked because of its heavy keyboard sound and…

Album Reviews

Allied Forces (

“Allied Forces” (MCA; 1981) When I was 13, my uncle had a music store in Tulsa, OK and he let me pick out any cassette I wanted — a cassette,…

Album Reviews

Classics (

“Classics” (MCA; 1989) There’s a reason this “Greatest Hits” package is entitled “Classics.” I think that’s an appropriate title because Triumph’s music can be heard on the classic stations, and,…

Album Reviews

Surveillance (

“Surveillance” (TML / Universal; 1987) After the disappointment of some fans with 1985’s “The Sport of Kings,” Triumph recorded and released “Surveillance” which, while not a complete return to form,…


RIK EMMETT Discusses Rumors of 2011 Tour w/ VAN HALEN

The rumors that have been sort of blowing in the wind are that Van Halen want to go back out yet again next year, but they’re going to need some sort of support to make the packaging a little more interesting. Because Triumph hasn’t really ever toured in any kind of a nostalgia way, I think Live Nation kind of goes, “Oh, yeah, you guys would be perfect for that.” So, we’ll see sort of the size and the shape and the glitter of the golden carrots that they have.

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Record From Hell

Whoever invented the term “Rock -n- Roll Machine” must have had a band very much like Triumph in mind. Triumph relentlessly churns out a style of music that the experts regularly pronounce to be deader than a doornail. And if it weren’t for the millions of people who regularly buy Triumph records and attend Triumph concerts, the experts would be right.

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‘The man behind the moustache’!

He’s been playing bass since the age of 10 and has been influenced by Richard Davis, Sly Stone and Phil Spector.According to the concert program, Mike likes, “money, sex and room service” (so, who doesn’t?). He also likes his old Fenders, JBL speakers, Crown amps, Reflex cabinets and Hammond B3’s.