‘The man behind the moustache’!

Triumph Rocks Press Clippings

‘The man behind the moustache’!

From 1979 tour book

During that summer, Mike was 26 years old (making him a ripe ol’ 44 at this moment in 1997)  and is a Gemini. Previous to Triumph, he spent a few years in New York and some time in England (no mention of what he was doing – but I’ll guess there was the odd party). He’s been playing bass since the age of 10 and has been influenced  by Richard Davis, Sly Stone and Phil Spector.

According to the concert program, Mike likes, “money, sex and room service” (so, who doesn’t?). He also likes his old Fenders, JBL speakers, Crown amps, Reflex cabinets and Hammond B3’s. Let’s remember, this list was compiled in 1979, so a bit must have changed (does anyone still use B3’s anymore?..) .

Here is Mike’s 1979 list of  Favourites!!!

Sports: T.V., Indoor games of chance
Games: Backgammon
Groups: Eagles, Poco, Little Charles & the Sidewinders
Girls: Brunette, brown eyes, tanned, well dressed, nice lips
Writers: Mailer, Victor Appleton 3rd, Hunter S. Thompson
Colour: White
Hobbies: Gambling
Jewelry: Silver bracelets (I’d never have guessed!)
Car: ‘38 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud
Booze: Chivas
Food: Spare Ribs
Place: San Fransisco
Alter-Ego Occupation: Directing X-Rated flicks
Siblings: Older sister
Favourite Single: One Less Bell to Answer (5th Dimension)
Favourite Album: Feats Don’t Fail Me Now (Little Feat)
T.V. Show: Gong Show (I knew I wasn’t the only  one!)
Favourite Movie Old: Maltese Falcon
Favourite Movie New: Annie Hall (remeber folks – 1979 was when this data was collected!!)
Actress: Dianne Keaton
Actor: Peter Fonda
Pets: Angora Cat



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