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“Classics” (MCA; 1989)

There’s a reason this “Greatest Hits” package is entitled “Classics.” I think that’s an appropriate title because Triumph’s music can be heard on the classic stations, and, after you review the track list and haven’t heard one of these songs in awhile, call up your local DJ and request it.

“Classics” runs the years between Triumph’s best hits and even pulls from their first album with the raw 1976 hit “Rock & Roll Machine.” The song “Somebody’s Out There” could have been taken from any Journey album when Steve Perry was crooning to the crowds. All in all, it’s a musical treat from start to finish. Each song is a memory and everybody has their own to relive and smile about.
I won’t wax anymore than is needed. If you have this CD then kudos to you for buying one of their compilations, if you don’t, seriously, what’s wrong with you?


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