‘Rock & Roll Machine’ still rocks today in the Limited Edition Bundle!

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Digital download of Rock & Roll Machine, album booklet, t-shirt, and more in RnR Machine Bundle, LIMITED EDITION! Remastered and re-released, with the ORIGINAL tracklist including cover of Joe Walsh’s ‘Rocky Mountain Way’ and the two-part ‘New York City Streets’, plus who could forget Rik Emmett’s light-speed guitar solo in ‘Rock & Roll Machine.’

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Rock and Roll Machine

Triumph Rocks Triumph Radio

A simple, straightforward rock ‘n roll album, true to its name. The guitar-driven songs aim to please the very basic instincts, like everything else about this release. Including the album cover with the rising flames et al. Definitely the one to put you in the mood should you have a craving for a passionate deliverance or indulging in some air-guitar antics.


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