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Progression of Power 3/5 Stars (

1: I Live For the Weekend 2: I Can Survive 3: In the Night 4: Nature’s Child 5: Woman in Love 6: Take My Heart 7: Tear the Roof Off 8: Fingertalkin’ 9: Hard Road

When I think of Progressions of Power I always think of it as coming before Just a Game. I can’t put my finger on it but it felt like a step backward. To use an example from that other power trio. You’d never guess that Caress of Steel followed Fly by Night.

Gil’s songs were prominent on this one, and although I’ll freely admit to being more partial to Rik’s voice, I will say that Gil is a hell of a rock singer, and he really gets to to go to town on a number of the songs. “I Live for the Weekend”, “I Can Survive” and “Nature’s Child” are a lot of fun. Although the only song I have vague memories of hearing on the radio is “I Can Survive” – but radio has never been the best barometer of good for me.

Of the Rik songs, they were kind of hit and miss. I know the 70’s were rife with insipid ballads, and few get any worse than “Take My Heart” – a song so sucky I don’t think even the late Dan Fogelberg would touch it with a barge pole. Then there’s the instrumental piece – another flemenco infused piece – that shows off Rik’s deft touch. The album closed with “Hard Rock” which is Rik’s best song on the album, and one other the better songs on the album.

I’m not trying to rag on an album that is pushing 30 – it’s a decent rock album, and for the most still rocks. I’ve not gone out an purchased any of the remasters – I just can’t justify buying them again – but I’d be willing to bet that they sound even better than the copy I have.


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