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“Live at the US Festival” (TML / Universal; 2003)

Triumph fans will love the fact the band’s live performance at the legendary US Festival in 1983 is finally available for the first time ever on CD.

Containing nearly an hour of great Triumph tunes, including “Allied Forces,” “Lay it on the Line,” “Never Surrender,” “Rock & Roll Machine” and more, “Live at the US Festival” is a great document of a popular band performing a great set in front of a crowd of over half a million. And a great performance it is. The band sounds at the top of their form, with blistering leads from Rik Emmett and solid rhythm support from Gil Moore and Mike Levine. There must be something about playing before an audience that large that brings out the best in musicians.

The production is stellar, especially considering that the source material are analog tapes over 20 years old. “Live at the US Festival” sounds like it could have been recorded last year.

I’ve heard some rumblings about added keyboards and missing songs here but, being unfamiliar with the original performance and various bootlegs being traded around, I didn’t notice at all.

“Live at the US Festival” is a must for any Triumph fan. Fans of ’80s “metal” will find lots to like here as well.

Also available is a DVD, to be reviewed soon.

Triumph: Rik Emmett – guitars, vocals; Gil Moore – drums, vocals; Mike Levine – bass, vocals.




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