Gil & Rik Back in the Studio

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Six months ago if you would have asked Gil, Mike or Rik about the likelihood of working together again, much less being on speaking terms, the answers to those questions would have been less than positive. Thanks to their recent induction into the Canadian Music Industry Hall of Fame however all of that seems to be changing.

In the past months alone, they have hung out like old friends, done interviews/press and even come together under the name of Triumph to accept an award for the legacy they have created in the Canadian Music Industry. Now another chapter in the Triumph saga sees Gil Moore and Rik Emmett back in the studio once again.

According to an interview with Rik over at Glam-Metal his latest project with Airtime will receive the Metalworks golden touch. Gil has kindly extended an invitation for the Airtime project to be mastered in his award winning facilities and Rik has accepted. When speaking about the situation Rik was quoted as saying “Something quite fitting about having the beginning of something new complete its journey towards the public by going back to the roots of what Gil, Mike and I started such a long time ago.

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